Mackie HR 824
Mackie HR 824 specificaton


Mackie HR 824

HR824 - Specifications

Enclosure Materials and Construction
3/4-inch (19mm) thick MDF construction with 1-inch (25.4mm) thick MDF front panel with radiused edges to minimize diffraction.
Proprietary exponential wave guide for controlled, wide dispersion from high-frequency driver.
Internal "H" brace adds to cabinet stiffness.
Open cell adiabatic "foam fill" acoustic damping material absorbs internal reflections, preventing delayed sound coloration.
Flush-mount connector system allows monitor to be placed against a wall without need for connector clearance.
Low-frequency driver
8.75-inch (222mm) die-cast magnesium frame, mineral-filled polypropylene cone, oversized magnet structure, and over 16mm cone excursion.

High-frequency driver
1-inch (25.4mm) viscous edge-damped aluminum dome with ferrofluid-cooled voice coil.

Passive Radiator
6-inch x 12-inch (152mm x 305mm) elliptical flat cone composed of aluminum honeycomb/phenolic with variable thickness filleted edge neoprene surround, mass-loaded, acoustic insulated.

Crossover Section
Crossover Type
Modified Linkwitz-Riley, 24 dB/octave @ 1800Hz

0 dBu nominal

Input Impedance
20k ohm, balanced bridging

Independent high and low frequency overload detection

Acoustic Space Equalization (at 40Hz)
A = -4dB / B = -2dB / C = flat

Roll Off EQ
-3 dB@37Hz, 2nd order transitional high-pass filter
-3 dB@47Hz, 4th order Chebyshev high-pass filter
-3 dB@80Hz, 4th order Butterworth high-pass filter

High Freq. EQ
± 2 dB @ 10kHz, shelving

Acoustic Section
Free Field Frequency Response
±1.5 dB, 39Hz to 20kHz

Lower cutoff frequency
-3 dB @ 37Hz

Upper cutoff frequency
-3 dB @ 22kHz

Sound Pressure Level at 1 meter, -7.5dBu into balanced input
100dB SPL @ 1m

Maximum peak SPL per pair
120dB SPL @ 1m

Maximum short term SPL on axis, half space 80Hz to 2.5kHz
111 dB SPL @ 1m

Residual noise (maximum gain, 600 ohms source, 20Hz-20kHz bandwidth)
< 8dB SPL @ 1m

Low-frequency amplifier:
Rated power output
150 watts, 4 ohm load

Burst power output:
350 watts


< 0.035%


< 0.035%

DIM 100

< 0.035%

Slew Rate
> 35V/µs

Signal-to-Noise Ratio
> 102 dB, referenced to 150 watts into 4 ohms

High-frequency amplifier:
Rated power output
100 watts, 6 ohm load

Burst power output
210 watts

Distortion THD
< 0.035%

< 0.035%

DIM 100
< 0.035%

Slew Rate
> 35V/µs

Signal-to-Noise Ratio
> 102 dB, referenced to 100 watts into 6 ohms

Power Consumption
135 watts with musical program, loud mix

18 watts quiescent (idle)
8 watts in Standby mode

AC Dropout Voltage
120V AC versions

80V AC

240V AC versions

160V AC

32.5 lb. (14.77 kg)

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