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8 Channel Playback


8 Channel A-B playback rig.

this is a very robust, light (no problems checking in on a plane!!) reliable A-B playback rig.
it fits in a 4U SKB case and weighs around 20kgs fully wired (including a 3m 8 way XLR loom, but not including computers)
no UPS is used to keep the weight down.
due to not using a UPS, if there is a power failure the Radial SW8 defaults to output A.
this makes this rig more suited to the B outputs being used as a back up, rather than a "flip flop" A-B rig.

the Radial SW8 runs from a 15v wall wart.
the Faderfox LX2 runs off battery or a USB hub.
Forefront Technology FT9 runs off a 9v battery that lasts around 1 year.
the MOTU ultralite MK3's run off the computers firewire bus power.
the Radial JS3 splits an output, it is passive and needs no power.