Bafang 36V SWXH 250wRear
Bafang SWXH 250w 36v rear hub spec

Bafang SWXH 250w 36v rear hub spec
Bafang SWXH
250w 36v for sale
Bafang SWXH 250w links

250W 6 Mosfets Miniature controller

Bafang SWXH 250w 36v rear hub spec

Bafang 36V SWXH-Rear Permanent Magnet E-Bike DC motors

Partname: SWXH
Rated Voltage (V) 36
Rated Power (W) 250
Max Diameter (mm) ¢134
Max Speed (rpm) 205
Rated Efficiency (%) ≥78%
2P 20
Reduction Ratio 1:4.42
Weight (kg) ≤3.1 actual 2.7kg
Open size (mm) 135
Drive and freewheel type 6s/7s
Spoke Specification 13G
Cable location Shaft center, righ
Hall sensor Hall sensor
Integrate speed sensor
Brake type V/Disc (>¢160)
Surface Silver painted
Noise (dB) <50
Salt fog test (h) 24/96
Water proof Grade IP54
Certification CE ROHS

Product Model:QSWXH

Can be install with 6-7 speed freewheel and disc brake


Application: Rear-driving motor (can be fixed with disc brake and speed free wheel)

Standard applicability: Rear fork size is 135 mm, this motor can be used for all e-bike and all kinds assistant

It is only the bare motor without disc and Free Wheel.

P.S. : High speed means low torque. Low speed means high torque. RPM means "Revolutions Per Minute". 205RPM is often used for 24", 26", 700C and 28" rim. 305RPM is often used for 16", 20" and 24".26" rim.

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