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Best mountain bike tyre for london?
Continental Sport Contact 1.6
Schwable Delta Cruiser Tyre




Schwable Delta Cruiser Tyre

I thought I'd try a set of these on my girlfriends "tube" bike.
The blurb says this....

Much more than just a basic quality.
The foundation of all Active Line yres is a high-quality 50 EPI carcass.
Coarsely woven 20 or 24 EPI carcasses can no longer be found in Schwalbe's range. The much more densely woven 50 EPI carcass is far more puncture resistant and robust. At the same time the fabric needs less rubber coating and thus has a reduced weight.
Naturally every Active Line tyre has a Kevlar Guard belt, a balanced rubber compound, plus a functional and attractive tread design.
Simply said: Active Line is reliable, brand quality!


Schwable Delta Cruiser Tyre


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