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Diamond Way Buddhist "Noise Sheet"
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Diamond Way Buddhist Centre London SE11

The Diamond Way Buddhist Centre in London "Noise Sheet".

The Buddhist have a construction site that runs from 08:00 -18:00 (ish) five days a week for the next year.

On top of this they have works at the weekend, bank holidays and evenings, very rude Buddhists.

I need to keep a "Noise Sheet" so I can take legal action against these noisy, selfish buggers.


Saturday 11/05/13 08:48 Woken up by sawing and hammering 20:00
Sunday 12/05/13 10:00 Woken up by sawing and hammering 19:00
Monday 06/06/13 08:00 Sawing and banging woke me up this bank holiday 18:00
Sunday 07/07/13 09:30 Hammering and grinding woke me up 17:00
Monday 08/07/13 08:00 Grinding drilling and hammering had to shut window for TV (25c) 22.35
Tuesday 09/07/13 08:00 Grinding and hammering, had to shut window to hear TV (25c) 20:00
Saturday 13/07/13 12:10 Drilling and hammering, had to shut window to hear TV (30c) 22:00
Sunday 14/07/13 15:40 Drilling, had to shut window to hear TV (30c) 16:00
Wednesday 17/07/13 23:00 Drilling, had to shut window to hear TV 23:33
Sunday 21/07/13 01:00 Drilling and hammering kept me awake 04:00
Sunday 21/07/13 09:30 Drilling and hammering, woke me up, carried on all day/night 00:09
Saturday 25/08/13 23:00 Loud music and shouting 03:30
Sunday 26/08/13 12:30 Boom boom boom, more loud music 13:00
Saturday 15/09/13 23:00 Boom boom boom, more loud music 03:00
Saturday 01/12/13 23:00 More kick drum solo's 13/13021/nclam 01:30
Saturday 15/03/14 09:00 Blaring radio and power tools 16:20
Wednesday 19/03/14 08:30 Power tools 21:20
Saturday 22/03/14 09:00 Diesel cherry picker, power tool, hammering and blocked the pavement off 19:30
Saturday 22/03/14 11:00 Kept awake by music, managed to sleep around 02:00 02:00
Sunday 30/03/14 15:00 Sawing drilling and hammering 21:00
Tuesday 01/04/14 08:00 Cherry picker, sawing and hammering 23:00
Friday 04/04/14 09:00 SAwing, drilling loud music and shouting 02:00









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